About David’s Larder

Founder – David Robb MacDonald, was born 1980 in Dundee, Scotland.

He graduated from Aberdeen University in July 2001 with a Master of Arts degree, and after graduating returned to his hometown of Dundee to follow in his father ‘s (Brian Robb MacDonald) & grandfather’s (David Robb MacDonald) footsteps to develop his skills in the butcher trade and expand the family business in Lochee, a local suburb of Dundee.

In that same year David met an Australian Lass who was visiting her family in Dundee.  Subsequently in the years to follow, a marriage and 2 babies, David, his wife Natalie and their sons returned, in January 2010, to Natalie’s hometown Sydney.  In 2012 baby no. 3 arrived Ms Scarlett MacDonald.

David believes the most important aspect on a professional level is gaining approval from customers who are critiquing honestly (not just my wife saying she likes it out of love). It would enable David’s Larder to gain exposure to a wider audience with the hope and vision of distribution outside NSW and for me to expand the business and move it to the next level.

About us
David's Larder –
The Scottish Butcher –
"We Serve to Serve Again"

Cox's Road Mall
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