Quality ingredients are used and David is solely responsible for the sourcing of all ingredients, overseeing manufacturing and production of his Scottish range of produce. Freshness, all produce is made fresh each week. Many of the unique seasonings used in David’s produce is made by David, in turn this means David knows every spice blend and ingredient within his Scottish range. David uses a 3rd  generation Scottish sausage making technique, this sets David’s sausages apart.

Scottish Black Pudding

A tempting and savoury Scottish complement to a traditional breakfast or a versatile element in the stuffing for meat or poultry. Black pudding from David’s Larder is fashioned with care from prime ingredients combined with a blend of spices to produce a pudding full of flavour, adhering to the family’s 50 year old recipe.


This wee beastie is not to be feared! Whilst still a Scottish favourite – this haggis is made from a modern recipe… And the secret blend blend of David’s handmade seasoning gives that good spice a real haggis needs. Also in easy to use slices. Perfect as part of a traditional Scottish breakfast, on a roll for a hearty warming lunch on the go, served traditionally with neeps and tatties, alongside chicken to add depth and flavour, haggis is much more versatile than many people think!

Square Sausage

Scottish style square beef sausage, one of the old time favourites. Beef sausage meat prepared to an old family recipe. Great for a Scottish hearty breakfast even in the sunburnt land.

White Pudding

White pudding is a breakfast sausage made of pork, oatmeal and spices and is popular across Scotland. Sliced and fried, the pudding makes a good friend to bacon and eggs on the breakfast plate or as a stuffing for white meats.

Scottish Smoked Bacon

Bring home the bacon with this flexible family favourite suitable for any time! Our gourmet bacon is made from finest quality pork, dry-cured by hand for a real old fashioned taste – simply delicious & nitrate free.

Gammon Steaks

Traditionally gammon is only from the leg and can be just pan-fried as you would with any bacon or ham, but get that unique Gammon flavour & nitrate free.

Scottish Pies

This humble scotch pie is loved by thousands of Scots all over the world. It has a rich history and holds a place in the hearts of Scots. There’s nothing better than a scotch pie, that boasts a unique blend of mince and spices in a unique pastry.

Individual Steak Pies

Generous amounts of beef steak are clearly visible in this traditional hand made pie. These can be cooked to accompany by seasonal veg for a complete meal. Traditionally matured steak for the best flavour, no flavour enhancers, all natural ingredients.

Family Steak Pie

A large family-sized steak pie, hand made the traditional way with generous amounts of matured beef steak for superb flavour. Only natural ingredients – no flavour enhancers. A perfect meal to share – just add your favourite seasonal vegetables.

Pork Pies

These traditional pork pies are handmade using minced fresh pork shoulder, not cured, and seasoned with a unique blend of salt and pepper. Our handmade pies are the ideal solution for a tasty lunch or supper, with very little effort. Whilst made fresh – they can be frozen. Simply defrost in the fridge overnight and serve with your favourite chutneys, pickles and salad for a delicious taste sensation. All natural ingredients, contains no additives, preservatives, or colourings. Perfect for ploughmans plate, lunches, picnics and parties.

Tattie Scones

A tasty mixture of potatoes, salt and flour made into a flat triangular scone. Traditionally served fried with breakfast or cold with butter and cheese.

Gammon Roast

Boneless leg of pork, cured and strung up for cooking. Easy to carve and always moist and tender. Boil then bake for best results. Gammon is the name given to the meat from the hind legs of a pig that has been cured in the same way as bacon. The main difference between gammon and ham is that gammon will be sold raw and needs to be cooked; ham is sold cooked or dry-cured and ready for eating & nitrate free.

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